Happy arbitrary point in the Earths annual loop around the Sun!

I'm not much of one for celebrations that don't have a link to something real.  If the new year started last week when my hemisphere was at the point where the tilt of the earth made the day the shortest I'd probably be more up for it.

But that said this year I've decided to do one of those resolutions things that some people do.

This year I'm going to make at least one thing a month.

Making Shit makes me happy

OK, so that doesn't seem so hard.  I make more than one thing a month pretty much every month but come the end of the year I've forgotten them all.  When I did One Game A Month I got stressed when I didn't finish something in a month.  When I do game jams these days I frequently get flareups of my arthritis meaning I don't finish.  That's really stressful and I get down because I started something and didn't finish it but I learned lots during the jam even if it was that my body doesn't like programming games for filthy lucre for 36 hours a week and still attempting to come home and write another game in the 10 or so hours I might have free that month.  I made something, I just didn't make what I expected to.  So this year I'm going to celebrate all those mini makes.

Last year I fixed the hoover with a bit of metal I Dremalled into shape.  Nobody knows about that but this year I'll take a photo and say "LOOK AT WHAT I MADE!" so at the end of the year I can see all the things I make.

I'm not going to stress if I get to the end of the month and haven't made anything because all I've done is forgotten to celebrate all the things I did make but didn't document.  I know I'll make more than 12 things in a year.  I've made several today already :)  and that's the target.

I'd better set myself some rules.


  1. Make things
  2. Acknowledge when I've made something
  3. Have fun
  4. Try to document one make a month - however minor it might seem at the time.
  5. Don't stress about deadlines - I make stuff all day, everyday, sometimes I'll forget number 4 but I won't stress over it.
  6. There is no rule 6
  7. Share process and progress when appropriate and I can make the time.