Project One - A new blog.

It's been a while :)

It's a simple thing but to do this I had to do several things.

  1. Set up new VM in Azure
  2. Install OS, update and secure webserver
  3. Install Blog
  4. Write first posts (Hello, World! of the blogging world)

This is something that should be celebrated.  A first project for the year.  Project one ticked off before lunch on the first day of the year.

This is the scale of the sort of thing I'm going to be celebrating.  If a games project gets a git repo, and builds something that plays the basis of a game I'm underlining it and saying I've done something.  If that project doesn't go anywhere because the game wasn't fun that shouldn't feel like a fail because I made something and today I made something.  It's probably not the only thing I'll make today, unless returning to work tomorrow hits me hard it certainly won't be the only thing I make this week :)